Abuse of public assets IV: Sops found in CI sheet, dry food, cover purchases


Twelve jeeps and vehicles were bought for observing work of a debacle-related project, however, those went for private use by high-ups not engaged with the errand, an authority review finds among different wrongs in calamity help.
The undertaking office had not just given over the vehicles to the non-special people yet additionally covered fuel bills worth Tk 3.04 million in a solitary monetary year, FY 2017-18, for their comfortable ride, insiders say.
Bangladesh’s preeminent review organization – – the Office of the Specialist and Evaluator General (CAG) – – has tracked down such irregularities under the Directorate of Calamity The executives (DDM) in its public-store spending.
The review report has previously been submitted to the President, the sources say.
As per the review report, the jeeps are utilized by the high-ups from the Help and Calamity The executive’s Service to a parliamentary body albeit those were bought for observing a scaffold and duct development project.
Likewise distinguished are oddities in getting folded iron (CI) sheets, dry food sources, and covers from the contractors.
The directorate had bought the products at greater costs than normal ones through nexus with or among the workers for hire and bypassing the public authority regulations and rules, bringing about the abuse of public assets, says the report.
The inspecting organization said the wrongdoings had not just impacted public administrations to the calamity-inclined individuals yet additionally squandered Tk 10.09 million of the public exchequer.
The DDM bought extravagance jeeps, vehicles, microbuses, and twofold lodge pickup under the scaffold and duct development project and gave north of 12 of the vehicles to the service as opposed to using those in the task observing work.
In the meantime, the directorate chose excessive cost citing workers for hire for providing CI sheets and dry food varieties, bringing about “misappropriation” of Tk 45.60 million worth of public assets.
Essentially, the examination has additionally found that the directorate secured covers from two organizations that provided greater expense estimates than others.
The DDM likewise supposedly picked two project workers which provided nearly greater expense estimates for bad-quality folded iron (CI) sheets and acquired the item.
A family-based organization was chosen for providing dry food varieties, purportedly in disobedience of the obtainment regulation.
Organizations framed by various relatives, including guardians, children, and little girls, were picked for the supply of dry food sources, covers, and CI sheets.
It was likewise found that the DDM had provided work requests for providing 15 percent higher CI sheets and dry food varieties than the assessed amount for acquirement in the delicate from the chosen workers for hire.
The Directorate had even not charged the development personal assessment from the bills of the project workers for which the public authority was denied Tk10.18 million in income.
As per the review report, the DDM had chosen a more exorbitant cost-citing organization for providing 955 metric lots of CI sheets rather than a lower-cost citing one.
The CAG review report says the nature of Apollo Ispat Ltd, a neighborhood CI-sheet producer, was superior to that of the chosen maker.
Chief General of DDM Md Atiqul Huq let the FE know that they were paying all due respects to zillions of review complaints consistently.
“I can’t remark without checking my records and archives. In the event that you come to the office, I can give you a remark on the charges and review complaints.”
When requested to remark on the particular claims over certain acquisitions, Mr. Haque said when those acquirements were led, he didn’t join as the DG here.
Previous Arranging Secretary Pradip Ranjan Chakraborty let the FE know that it is a “gigantic lack of ability of the delicate choice council and the task carrying out experts for their disappointment in recognizing arrangements”.
Close by the CAG office, he proposes that the IMED and Arranging Commission, as well, ought to rigorously screen the obtainment and dispensed reserve usage.
Straightforwardness Worldwide Bangladesh (TIB) Leader Chief Dr. Iftekharuzzaman feels the event that the public authority doesn’t rebuff the mindful people, unite and debasement will grow.
“Debasement will once remain as foundations in Bangladesh,” he says.


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